Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen – Til Modeuge i Andeby!

Mode eller modeuger er i flere sammenhægn blevet kombineret med andre formål, universer og kultur kategorier som; musik, teater, kunst, velgørenhed, Fair Trade, økologi, hjemløse (som hos Resteröds) og nu også tegneserier. Klassisk og velkendt dansk mode, inkl. dansk modeskaber (samme klassiske og velkendte kategori)er blevet foreviget i det klassiske Anders And &co. blad – med titlen: Modeuge i Andeby.

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Asger Juel Larsen AW16 – Born Worn

The storyteller of danish fashion, with a mindset in the opposed direction of the utopian (the dystypian red.), Asger Juel Larsen, known for his post-apocalyptic universe, where rules, means rules-breakers, is telling a new story. Presented by a show, where a more commercial line took place and a lot of his former signature, from his earlier years was represented. Set in the glamourish frame of the The Palm Court at Hotel D’Angleterre, Asger Juel Larsen opened the show with a crescendo, performed by Simon and Rasmus Littauer, placed in the center of the almost labyrinthic runway.

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Nicholas Nybro AW16 – SQ2

Once upon a time, a fairytale began and The Snow Queen, was once again told in words and then in Couture. With the beginning taken form in his last collection, the SQ1, part 1 of his two cohesive collections, inspired from the first part of H.C.Andersens tale The Snow Queen, and danish farming idyll from old danish Morten Korch movies, showed during the previous Copenhagen Fashion Week. This time Nicholas Nybro presented the second and final part of the of two cohesive collections, without the inspiration of old Morten Korch movies and with The Snow Queen as the main character, telling the story from the beginning to the end.

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Han Kjøbenhavn AW16 – The Teddy Legion

With a show lead by a giant teddybear, connected, literally by heart, to an installation, that proved to be essential for teddy and the show, the danish designers Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen and Tim Faith Hancock, founders, owners and designers of Han Kjøbenhavn, showed their AW16 collection, during this Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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BARBARA I GONGINI AW16 – Collection 7

The designer with flaming red hair, roots from the far north located Faroe Islands and a well-known signature, where a penchant and playfulness with black shades and the avant-garde scene, that true to tradition, plays one of the main characters and had made her the queen of both. BARBARA I GONGINI, showed her AW16 collection, during this Copenhagen Fashion Week.

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The Scandinavian menswear brand TONSURE, founded in 2013, with the designer Malte Flagsted, a former Maison Martin Margiela designer, as the man behind. Known for clear lines and recurring appearance of Scandinavian Minimalism, opened this Copenhagen Fashion Wee, with the AW16 collection. And thereby received the most prestigious stamp of approval, that you can receive as an upcomming designer in the danish fashion scene.

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The Danish multi-artist, Henrik Vibskov, who is touring the world as a drummer for electronic musician Trentemøller and exhibiting at art museums and galleries around the world, as an artist, between the two collections and associated universes that surround them, he biannually enrich the world of fashion an it's faithful companions, as a danish designer. He showed "THE EAT" with his AW11 collection. "The Shrink Wrap Spectacular" with his AW12 "The Transparent Tongue" with SS13 and "THE STICKY FINGERS BRICK" with SS15. He presented each and every collection with surprises of both theatrical or artistic nature, as well as fashionably. And "THE MESSY MASSAGE HANDS CLASS" AW15, that were showed during this Copenhagen fashion week belongs one and the same category, where theater, art and fashion each plays their main character for a while and somehow become one in Vibskovs collections!



With a feeling of being enthralled from first sight and then captured in an atmosphere of dark seduction. The Denmark-based designer with roots from the far north located Faroe Islands and a well-documented fondness for dominating shades of black and the avant-garde scene in her collections, BARBARA I GONGINI, played the part of the seductive main character, when she showed her AW15 collection, during this fashion week.

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H&M Unisex collection

The Swedish highstreet brand, H&M launched the winner of this H&M Design Award, Ximon Lee, the first menswear designer to win the Award, and the first designer to create a collection for H&M, with envisions, that the entire collection can being worn by both men and women

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