According to the dictionary, Avantgarde from avantgarde in french – avant meaning the one in front and garde, the guardian or the military vanguard.

In this scene the avantgarde soldiers from the fashion scene will be present.

A scene, with a danish fashion writer and photographer behind.
This is my site, my portfolio, representing my work from more than a decade (12 years). From published to unpublished words, articles, pictures and features.

I have been a freelance writer for 12 years and a photographer for about 10. Working with both women and mens fashion and published in several online magazines.

I do not know for sure, where this sceneavantgarde journey will take me jet, but for now the scene is set.

My work as well as yours is protected by copyright. If you feel violated reagerding your copyright, please contact me and I will remove any copyright violation.