Toasting Moët & Chandon

Moët & Chandon are among the most famous, finest and oldest champagnes in the world. With more than a 200 years story that can be traced back and even connected with some of the worlds most famous personalities from royal identities to political figures and epochal fashion characters, through the years. In other words: Moët & Chandon are a part of the world history on more than one occurrence and in more than one sense. A story that from time to time looks like and capture the spirit of a fairytale, with both royal figures, challenges, magical moments and even a happy ending can be found.

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Normcore artikel fra Uglyfat Magazine issue 4 "Super Powers"


When Normcore became the new black and-one-and-the-same phenomenon took part in an aesthetic game with political dimensions and raised the question of a fashion revolution of our time. It appeared on the streets and ended in the fashion lexicon, somewhere between another fashion week or another collection.

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