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Toasting Moët & Chandon

Alcohol, Glamor & History

Moët & Chandon are among the most famous, finest and oldest champagnes in the world. With more than a 200 years story that can be traced back and even connected with some of the worlds most famous personalities from royal identities to political figures and epochal fashion characters, through the years. In other words: Moët & Chandon are a part of the world history on more than one occurrence and in more than one sense. A story that from time to time looks like and capture the spirit of a fairytale, with both royal figures, challenges, magical moments and even a happy ending can be found. 

The end of the fairytale is not even written yet, even though it so far is a 270 years old story.

The history of Moët & Chandon

The fairytale of Moët & Chandon fairytale began more than a quarter of a millennium ago in 1743 in the heart of France champagne country, when the renowned French winemaker Claude Moët, founded the house of Moët & Chandon and began to share the magic of champagne with the world.

Two generations later his grandson Jean-Remy Moët created the house, that would transfer the fruits of the earth into the magical essence of Moët & Chandon. Jean-Remy Moët had a very meaningful friendships with great men and women of that era, in particular The Marquise De Pompadour and the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

The Marquise De Pompadour was not only the mistress of King Louis XIV of France, but also one of the most powerful women of her time and was therefor a highly influential tastemaker. She helped make Moët & Chandon champagne the wine of choice throughout Europe’s royal courts and inspired by her love of Moët & Chandon, she declared, “Champagne is the only wine in the world that makes every woman beautiful.”

The emperor Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821), who not only loved to rule his kingdom or to conquer another, that was not already his, also the golden nectar of Moët & Chandon and by using his dynamism, Moët & Chandon became the select wine for some of history’s most dazzling gatherings.

  • Original article once published in Uglyfat Magazine 5’th issue “The Anniversary Issue”, Februar 2015. (Page 83-104)