Kategori, af artikler og tekster med indhold fra den københavnske modeuge/Copenhagen Fashion Week .

Artikler med nyhedsrelateret indhold udgivet under eller kort efter den halvårlige modeuge i København:  Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

Fra reportager fra de danske designeres show under Copenhagen Fashion Week og deres kommende sæson kollektion, samt interviews, besøg på modemesserne og events, foretaget under den københavnske modeuge/ Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Fra den først udgivne til den seneste.

Kategorien indeholder dermed sagt alle de tekster, som jeg i mere end ét årti, har skrevet og udgivet. Både som skribent og tekstforfatter.

Artikler og tekster er primært skrevet på dansk – flere er dog på skrevet engelsk og udgivet i internationale magasiner.

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Portræt af skribenten & tekstforfatteren

Historien om Sceneavantgarde

Navnet Sceneavantgarde, er inspireret fra den oprindelige franske betydning af avantgarde - Avant betyder den i fronten og garde, vogteren eller den militære fortrop. 
Og lige så af den nye fortolkning af ordet, hvor udtrykket avantgarde er blevet et udtryk om kunstmalere, musikere, forfatter, modeskabere og andre kunstnere, der eksperimenterer med avancerede ideer (altså tør står i fronten) og vis kunstform er nytænkende, nyskabende og ofte før sin tid. Heraf blev Sceneavantgarde skabt i 2016, som en scene for de, der tør stå i fronten.

Fortsæt med at læseHistorien om Sceneavantgarde

Nicholas Nybro SS18 – THE BODY

Once upon a time, during the first chapters, the fairytale of Nicholas Nybro was told, with inspiration from old famous fairytales, told to every child in every kingdom among the world. In the scene of Nicholas Nobro’s SS18 show “THE BODY”, the models were walking the catwalk, in historical surroundings, all embracing the body of their own. Some, in Nicholas Nybros latest collection, where the colors went from delicate nude shapes and beige nuances to dark and warm brown. The silhouette from avantgarde to oversized and even see-through dresses, with the body more or less revealed. And some, without a cloth and bare naked, as in the fairytale “The Emperor's New Clothes” by H.C Andersen. So this is still a fairytale!

Fortsæt med at læseNicholas Nybro SS18 – THE BODY


Setting the scene in a dark climbing hall on the small Refshale Island, where big shipping containers, a net for climbers where placed close to the roof, and a guitarist playing a solo on top of these containers, BARBARA I GONGINI, showed her male collection 8 & female collection 25. True to her signature, the danish designer, with roots from the far north located Faroe Islands, set a dark, seductive and avant-garde scene, with inspiration from these islands, where sunlight pierces the rugged sky and a low haze rolls over the dewy landscape, ends up with the black color in the end.

Fortsæt med at læseBARBARA I GONGINI – COLLECTION 8 & 25


In the meatpacking district of Copenhagen, heavyweight butchers operated the factory of Henrik Vibskov’s:“Salami - The Kitchen of The Non Existent”, making salami, in the same district, that housed the cattle fair and butcheries, years ago. Setting the scene for Henrik Vibskov’s presentation of the SS17 Collection, during this Copenhagen Fashion Week. Where meat was the core of the show and the question of living in a time where experts are in fond of vegetarians and meat soon can become a story to tell we our grandchildren about. In a structure standing 20 meters long, with large piles of salami hanging from big meat hooks and heavyweight butchers making and moving them from the butchers table to a meat hook or form one to another. With models walking along side, large piles of salamis and butchers, Henrik Vibskov showed his SS17 collection, “Salami - The Kitchen of The Non Existent”.

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Copenhagen Fashion Week


HAN KJØBENHAVN showed the SS17 collection, with a story taking it’s beginning, with four full grown men, wearing hoods, which used to be connected with executioners from the past, entering the squared catwalk and then sit down, to drive the slapping-hand installation, placed in the center.

Fortsæt med at læseHAN KJØBENHAVN SS17

Mads Nørgaard Copenhagen – Til Modeuge i Andeby!

Mode eller modeuger er i flere sammenhægn blevet kombineret med andre formål, universer og kultur kategorier som; musik, teater, kunst, velgørenhed, Fair Trade, økologi, hjemløse (som hos Resteröds) og nu også tegneserier. Klassisk og velkendt dansk mode, inkl. dansk modeskaber (samme klassiske og velkendte kategori)er blevet foreviget i det klassiske Anders And &co. blad – med titlen: Modeuge i Andeby.

Fortsæt med at læseMads Nørgaard Copenhagen – Til Modeuge i Andeby!

Asger Juel Larsen AW16 – Born Worn

The storyteller of danish fashion, with a mindset in the opposed direction of the utopian (the dystypian red.), Asger Juel Larsen, known for his post-apocalyptic universe, where rules, means rules-breakers, is telling a new story. Presented by a show, where a more commercial line took place and a lot of his former signature, from his earlier years was represented. Set in the glamourish frame of the The Palm Court at Hotel D’Angleterre, Asger Juel Larsen opened the show with a crescendo, performed by Simon and Rasmus Littauer, placed in the center of the almost labyrinthic runway.

Fortsæt med at læseAsger Juel Larsen AW16 – Born Worn

Nicholas Nybro AW16 – SQ2

Once upon a time, a fairytale began and The Snow Queen, was once again told in words and then in Couture. With the beginning taken form in his last collection, the SQ1, part 1 of his two cohesive collections, inspired from the first part of H.C.Andersens tale The Snow Queen, and danish farming idyll from old danish Morten Korch movies, showed during the previous Copenhagen Fashion Week. This time Nicholas Nybro presented the second and final part of the of two cohesive collections, without the inspiration of old Morten Korch movies and with The Snow Queen as the main character, telling the story from the beginning to the end.

Fortsæt med at læseNicholas Nybro AW16 – SQ2
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Han Kjøbenhavn AW16 – The Teddy Legion

With a show lead by a giant teddybear, connected, literally by heart, to an installation, that proved to be essential for teddy and the show, the danish designers Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen and Tim Faith Hancock, founders, owners and designers of Han Kjøbenhavn, showed their AW16 collection, during this Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Fortsæt med at læseHan Kjøbenhavn AW16 – The Teddy Legion

BARBARA I GONGINI AW16 – Collection 7

The designer with flaming red hair, roots from the far north located Faroe Islands and a well-known signature, where a penchant and playfulness with black shades and the avant-garde scene, that true to tradition, plays one of the main characters and had made her the queen of both. BARBARA I GONGINI, showed her AW16 collection, during this Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Fortsæt med at læseBARBARA I GONGINI AW16 – Collection 7