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Henrik Vibskov SS16 – THE HOT SPRAY ESCAPE

The Danish multi-artist, Henrik Vibskov, who had toured the world as a drummer for the electronic musician Trentemøller and now occupies himself with his own project Mountain Yorokobo and exhibiting at art museums and galleries around the world, as an artist, between the two collections and associated universes that surround them, he biannually enrich the world of fashion an it’s faithful companions with, as a danish fashion designer.

He is known for his mesmerizing universe and set of logic. His signature headpieces and spectacular way of combining outstanding, playful and colourful prints, with Scandinavian minimalism and oversized silhouettes. And his shows as well as collections always represent his artistic roots in both music, art and fashion, where all of them plays the part as the main character.

He showed “THE EAT” with his AW11 collection. “The Shrink Wrap Spectacular” with his AW12. “The Transparent Tongue” with SS13. ”THE STICKY BRICK FINGERS with SS15 and “THE MESSY MASSAGE HANDS CLASS” with his AW15 collection. He presented each and every collection with surprises of both theatrical, musical and artistic nature, always surrounded by the catwalk.

And his last show, “THE HOT SPRAY ESCAPE” SS16 collection, that were showed during this Copenhagen fashion week, belongs to one and the same category, where theater, music, art and fashion each plays their own individual main character for a while and somehow become one in Vibskovs collections!

This time showed in the Copenhagen City Hall, transformed into a labyrinthine network of mesh tents stands with a group of performers, flexing and rhythmically pulling on resistance bands, surrounded by the catwalk.

Reflecting Vibskov’s avant-garde and mesmerizing world with a set of logic, “THE HOT SPRAY ESCAPE” collection were based on a and black and white playground, where a curved line defined a new silhouette, with high-waisted trousers and shorts that either showed or covered up the knees, long shirts, short-cutted blazers and casual kimono looking close to trenchcoats.

Playing along side with the oversized and architectural Vibskov signature and layer upon layer effect made a more or less odd and astonishing minimalistic foundation.

A minimalism, that more or less where dominated by numerous of colorful pieces and continuous spectacular prints. Appearing in a spectra from soft black and white combinations to more colorful, conspicuous and playful scenario. Set in single pieces or from top to bottom, the spectacular prints had no limit and continued to impress and mesmerize throughout the hole collection.

Even though this collection was more black and white and a bit more minimalistic, then Vibskovs previous ones, the new silhouette and spectacular print became the conspicuous part along with the hand-painted shoes, striking and playful printed socks and signature head-pieces, which were ones again high and spectacular.

Only this time you may even imagine that the higher grounds of architecture pointing in the city Copenhagen has been an inspirational part of the collection as well. If you look closer you can get a glimpse of the citys beautiful architectural bridges and rooftops with sky-high castle-looking towers.

As usual a spectacular experience where you find yourself mesmerized into a universe combining both art, architecture, music and fashion all at one and the same time. A universe you are proud to be mesmerized into and never ever want to leave.

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