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Han Kjøbenhavn AW16 – The Teddy Legion

With a show lead by a giant teddybear, connected, literally by heart, to an installation, that proved to be essential for teddy and the show, the danish designers Jannik Wikkelsø Davidsen and Tim Faith Hancock, founders, owners and designers of Han Kjøbenhavn, showed their AW16 collection, during this Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Presenting a show that, true to tradition, had an avantgarde scene and models wearing masks.

With a deep connection to teddy, masked models walked down the catwalk and instead of walking of the catwalk, in traditional manner, the models attached themself, by their mask, to the installation. Proving that the installation could be about keeping teddy alive, when or by presenting Han Kjøbenhavn’s AW16 collection.

A collection that represented a continuous colour of purple, football fanaticism and the 1990’s.

Within the avantgarde scene a kind of football fanaticism, with not only a sportwear-related mindset or shapes, but numbers and creative sponsor-adds included, took place.

Purple as the conspicuous and continuous colour of the collection, represented in trousers and upper parts and often combined with the football fanaticism part as well. And denim, represented in short-legged jeans, vests and jackets, leading an unavoidable path to a mindset related to the years of the 1990‘s, where playing the main characters of The Teddy Legion.

Next to Han Kjøbenhavn’s signature where the models, true to tradition are masked, the scene is avant-garde and the tailoring are extravagant. From the classic trench coat lines, often graced with fur, to the tight sportswear-related trousers, that often could draw you mind to classic long Johns, due to the tightness.

And with the revived look of the 1990‘s, from the begin of teddy’s lifesaving hour to the end and the appearance of fur materials in the collections coats, this collection, where a teddybear gets her heart to beat again, shows a fine symphony between the avantgarde scene, that this time included, football fanaticism, fur and the extravagant tailoring.

Making it possible, that Han Kjøbenhavn believes that men can be wrapped in fur and possibly in a future where the border between the X and Y chromosome can be erased for a matter of time.

Showing that fur is not related to gender and the 1990’s now can be defined by a mindset of avant-garde, football fanaticism, extravagant tailoring, numbers and sponsor adds. And maybe even a teddybear.

Press photo: Copenhagen Fashion Week
Press photo: Copenhagen Fashion Week &
Press photo: Copenhagen Fashion Week &